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Certification Process

Certification Process

Step one:

Collection of the detailed application with all the associates documents from the quarrier seeking for the desired certification program.

Step two:

MS Agroland Services Pvt. Ltd (Agrocert) Review application and associated documents of the desired certification scheme and process for the proposal.

Step Three:

MS Agroland Services Pvt. Ltd (Agrocert) depute inspector/auditor for the inspection of the desired certification scheme.

Step Four:

MS Agroland Services Pvt. Ltd (Agrocert) inspector/auditor will do inspection and submit the report and after that review process starts to ensure the compliances as per the applicable standard.

Step Five:

MS Agroland Services Pvt. Ltd (Agrocert) certification committee will take decision on the basis of review inspection reports to grant the certificate , if compliances meets.

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